Saturday, June 29th -- COSMIC BLUEPRINT: Rewriting Your Destiny

with Margarita Russolello


Join Margarita Russolello for The Cosmic Blueprint Mini-Retreat, a deep-dive journey into her signature work aimed at connecting you with your divine purpose so you can make the biggest impact on humanity and the planet. Based upon a myriad of rich traditions, including Eastern Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, guided meditation, essential oils, neuropsychology, movement and vocalization practices, and shamanic energy healing, we enter the depths of who we are truly meant to be in the world. We learn to transcend our Fate (lower chakras, karma, genetics) to access our Destiny (higher chakras, alignment, and our birthright as Divine beings).

Using the wisdom of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians in Classical Chinese Medicine (rooted in esoterism and shamanism), we explore our Essence -- who we are beneath societal and familial conditioning, limiting belief systems, and the programming and templates of who we think we “should” be. We reach beyond assimilation, oppression, suppression, and pain to see ourselves as our ancestors’ greatest gift, the embodiment and the activation of a genetic coding that has the capacity to wake us up and alter the world as we know it. By using these powerful channels, we discover the energetic blueprint of who we are and who we are capable of becoming. This energetic system can enhance our current practices, and is also accessible to those with no background in the healing arts. These channels are already flowing through us ready to assist us, and all we need to do is become aware of them to access their healing power.

There are also real-world implications to doing this work. As the culmination of the series, this mini-retreat is entitled “The Materialization.” We will be transforming rich etheric concepts into physical form, learning how to apply these principles to our careers, finances, partnerships, and lives. We will be accessing our creativity, our sensuality, our sexuality, and our power to truly manifest and materialize all of our deepest desires and visions for the future. We will set goals, make timelines, and heal anything inside us that is still feeling unworthy. We will access our sacral energy to rebirth ourselves and all we’re becoming, take inventory of where we’re at, and discuss how to bring our work out into the world. We will also explore the energetics of money, to call in prosperity, abundance, and the ability to sustain our hearts and our life-giving work.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move and meditate in and bring a photo of yourself as a child (if you have one). You may also wish to bring: a water bottle, a journal and pen (although paper and pens will be provided), and a sacred item to charge on our altar. Please note that essential oils will be applied to acupoints on the body (with your consent); if you wish to receive energetic acupuncture, please wear loose clothing where your chest, abdomen, arms, and legs can be easily accessed.

Heal your DNA, heal your genetic coding, access your birthright, transcend your Fate, and rewrite your Destiny as you desire it. Use your innate power to transform the world.

Exchange:  $75

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

Margarita Russolello is a multidisciplinary healing artist, Reiki Master, intuitive reader, and Eastern Medicine practitioner. She is on track to obtain her Master of Science in Chinese Medicine this August 2019, and will thereafter be a nationally certified acupuncturist and herbalist. She has spent the last decade of her life studying various integrative healing practices, including Esoteric Acupuncture, Shamanic Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, intuitive readings, essential oils, crystal therapy, and breathwork. She is especially passionate about making the psychosomatic, energetic, and spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine accessible to the public, through experiential workshops and group healings. She also maintains a private practice, where she conducts 1:1 signature healing sessions that address the physical, emotional, and karmic layers of being. She is thrilled to bring you her COSMIC BLUEPRINT series aimed at raising cosmic consciousness and supporting you in owning your unique gifts. Please see for more information or to schedule a 1:1 session.