Saturday, June 24th -- Reiki 1 Training with Sarah

with Sarah Bisceglie 


Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Energy.

A balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels:
the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
In this Reiki 1 workshop you will learn:
the Reiki History
the Reiki Principles
the hand placements for treating yourself and others
basics of healing work
& how to work with clients

You will receive the level one Reiki attunements that will be sealed in you for life. 

This is a fantastic tool for anyone who is interested in or is already involved in healing work. It is also a great tool for anyone who has contact with people: doctors, nurses, teachers, yoga instructors, friends and family.

Exchange: $195
Sarah Bisceglie is a Woodstock and NYC-based Reiki Master and renaissance woman. Interweaving the worlds of energy healing, art, and business, she focuses on empowering people to heal themselves through self-awareness.
Originally from the D.C. area, Sarah majored in China studies at Cornell University and went on to obtain an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She currently works for Maha Rose doing outreach and business development. Sarah's mission is to provide as many people as possible with access to healing and spiritual tools.