Saturday, June 17th -- Meditation For Our Ancestors

with visiting Healer, Padma Gonzalez 


Why should we pray for our ancestors? Where do we come from and what are our roots? Sometimes we are not aware of the subtle forces influencing our lives. We dont know why we think or feel things. There may be forces affecting us we are not aware of. The karmic effect of our ancestors runs through our blood, it comes through our grandparents, to our parents and down to us.

This guided meditation helps us to open, see, and sense how our ancestors: grandparents, great grandparents and beyond are with us and to send healing energy back through the family line to them, as well as to the greater whole, the universe.

The purpose of this meditation is to receive our ancestors' blessings, to bless them, to forgive, and to free them and ourselves. When these influences are cleared our path is more open and unaffected by unseen obstacles.

Join me in ancestor work and know yourself better. These are magical practices that give us insight into the mystery of our own soul and the web of love we are a part of, bringing forth the gifts from those who came before us and cleaning the lineage.
Some people have generations of deep tragedy and grief, generation after generation. Perhaps there is someone in the family that comes through that seems so different and they are here to do the cleaning of the whole blood line and they take on the work for many of the people in the family. If you feel you are one of these people please join me in this practice, let’s work togethor for all of our relations.

This summer I feel called to do this work. It is deep and meaningful to me and it is beneficial for the earth. The more we heal these aspects the less we are tied down to limited beliefs and we become more capable of fulfilling our purpose in life.

Let the stones be moved. Calling in the ancestors to let them tell us what is needed. We will work as channels of light to hear the whispers of the ancient voices.

I thank you in advance for your participation.

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Padma Gonzalez is a natural intuitive healer, and has been working in the healing arts for 17 years. She works with groups, couples and individual clients in New York and Mexico. Influenced by her own Mexican culture, she has performed several marriage, baby and bridal ceremonies in Mexico and the US. She is a Rose Healer which is a technique using fresh roses to heal, inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is a Reiki teacher, teaching all three levels since 2004. She studied energy light work in Mexico city and is also a painter and life long artist. In 2007 she met Amma, her spiritual teacher, and is currently living and volunteering in India where she works with different textiles, designing for Amma's Humanitarian organization. She spends her time between India, New York, and Mexico.

"My work always changes and evolves. I live in India and practice meditation and other spiritual practices, service is the focus of my life. I am a spiritual aspirant learning about myself and what is not me. By removing the layers of ignorance, the truth in us shines forward. Healing work can help remove and bring awareness to some of these layers. My intention is to help people see and move through the blocks. Healing is a life long process that when matched with reflection and prayer, acceptance and grace becomes your gift to your self and the world."