Saturday, July 1st -- Trance & Dance for Transcendence


with Debbie Attias & Shauna Cummins

Join us for a Hypnotic Body-Soul Trance-formation:

This workshop will combine the techniques of hypnosis, dance, and sound therapy for a powerful body-soul benefit.

In this unique Trance Dance experience, a Hypnosis 'trance' converts our bodies into instruments for transcendence. Through attuning our attention to rhythmic waves of music, vivid visualization, and meditative awareness in a disco-lit space, we will bring the body-mind system into alignment with our most veracious selves.

Drawing inspiration from ancient and modern dance practices such as; Japanese Butoh, Druid trance, Dervish swirling, and free style movement, the workshop will consist of three phases, including a deepening hypnosis, a guided, blindfolded dance meditation, and an all out immersive dance party. The music will not be ‘trance’ music, but rather a curated mix for the journey.

Please join us in the workshop with intentions to let go, manifest, and explore this  dynamic process of hypnotic body-soul trance-formation.

Debbie Attias is an intuitive healing artist that lives by the mantra Fun Heals Everything. Debbie received her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, and for many years traveled the world as a performance artist with her band, Avenue D. Currently, she teaches happiness through her unique DANCORCISM class at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn. She also throws retreats offering meditation, yoga, dancing, and spiritual guidance. She has studied Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic records & Tarot. Debbie has recently completed a 9-month Sound and Music Healing program at the Open Center.  


Shauna Cummins is a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  She received board certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2012.  She holds a private practice in NYC and is a resident healer at Maha Rose, Brooklyn. She is a founder of the performance series 'Trance and Creativity' and regularly teaches workshops in NYC and Europe. In 2016, her work as a hypno-artist was showcased at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland,  The Ace Hotel Mediums Residency, Apexart and The Queens Museum of NYC.  Shauna is a founding member of Obonjan, a healing, art and music island in Croatia, where she presents hypnosis inspired sound-art installations and salons. In 2015 her work as a hypnotist was featured in the JETBLUE documentary 'Humankinda'.