Saturday, July 15th -- Caring For Your Second Brain: Intro to Gut Health


with Gabrielle Gray 

"Gut health" may just seem like an of-the-moment wellness topic or a way to sell kombucha. Actually, our gut is proven through research to have such a large role in our day to day lives that scientists refer to it as our "second brain." 

If you have stubborn health issues that are sometimes resistant to Western treatments -- for example: fatigue, some auto-immune disorders, low-grade overall inflammation, or even mood swings -- you might have a gut that's in need of some TLC. The benefits of taking care of the gut include but are not limited to: easier weight loss, clearer skin, more restful sleep, easier elimination and more.  If you're dealing with chronic issues, this class can empower you to work with your doctor to find new solutions that take this important part of your being into consideration. 

We'll go over the basics of gut health, the vocabulary of what's happening in our bodies, and the classic markers of an out-of-balance gut. You'll learn the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic, what to eat for optimal gut health, and you'll leave with recipes to start you off!

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Gabrielle Gray
is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, healer and empath. She is a Yoga Alliance-certified RYT-200 teacher and Reiki healer under the guidance of Denise Munoz, with whom she continues to study breathwork. She has completed a course in Vedic meditation under Light Watkins, and a Reiki mentorship program under Lisa Levine and LaVonne Natasha Caesar. All of these experiences help her connect with students and clients to bring happiness, high vibrations and healthy choices into their daily lives. Her mission is to support people as they tune into their goals and walk with them on the journey of transformation.