Saturday, January 28th-- Wishcraft: Hypnosis for Actualization

Saturday, January 28th-- Wishcraft: Hypnosis for Actualization

11am-1 pm

Wishcraft: Hypnosis for Actualization

with Shauna Cummins


Learn to use Hypnosis as a tool for mastery of mind and manifesting your potential.  In this workshop we learn how to positively program thought patterns that lead to successful behavior,  uncover blocks and learn how to move through fear.  We will learn how to use our mind as a focusing tool to expand our positive present potential,  bringing our intentions into action with less resistance.  This group will be an intimate circle of wellwishing and sharing,  I will introduce a history of hypnosis,  a customized group hypnosis and one-on-one manifesting work.  You will leave empowered with a positive present future in mind,  self-hypnosis tools to exercise your thought patterns and a high vibe pep in your step.

$40 pre reg | $45 day of 

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Shauna Cummins is a hypnosis practitioner and Intermediate artist. She is the founder of Trance and Creativity, a performance workshop series dedicated to exploring the boundaries between the creative process and the healing state. As a board certified hypnotist, she creates interactive workshops and individual sessions utilizing hypnosis as a powerful tool for healing, creativity, and change. Her formal education is in Literature and as a hypnotist, she utilizes a powerful therapeutic method of language and sound, communicating with the subconscious in a way that works to transform old habits and behaviors into new, beneficial ones.