<Saturday, January 18th> Introduction to the Enneagram

Introduction to the Enneagram

with John Luckovich
Saturday, January 18th
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The Enneagram is a personality typology that combines ancient wisdom with insights from modern psychology for the most powerful tool for self-awareness there is. It sheds light on our unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving and highlights nine basic motivations stemming from nine fundamental needs and perspectives that each type represents.

In this workshop, we'll be looking at how to really leverage some of the deeper wisdom revealed by the Enneagram both for our own personal inner work as well as in our relationships. We will unpack the dynamics between the body, heart, and mind give rise to the nine types, and, most importantly, how to get beyond looking at the Enneagram in terms of which of the nine types we identify with to view each point of the Enneagram is a doorway to encountering the universal in ourselves and others.

John specializes in understanding the inner work lineage of the Enneagram and the Instinctual Drives from a biological and Inner Work perspective. He is co-founder of New York Enneagram and currently working on a book that explores how these seemingly opposing conditions of our nature interweave and cooperate to express the fullness of who we are, and how to use this understanding for real inner work and transformation. John has taught numerous Enneagram workshops and classes in the United States and Italy for children, teens, and adults, and has led workshops and inner work retreats based on original material. He has been a presenter at the Conference of the International Enneagram Association and Shift Network's Enneagram Global Summit. In 2018, John began co-facilitating group pilgrimages through Egypt in order to connect the living tradition of inner work with its roots and origins. John's interests have led to a deep involvement in Gurdjieff Work in the lineage of J.G. Bennett, The Gurdjieff Movements, Jungian group work, and meditation practice. He has studied extensively with The Enneagram Institute, and is an apprentice psycho-spiritual facilitator in Integrative Breathwork through the Inspiration Consciousness School in Baltimore, MD.