Saturday, February 16th -- Guilt Free

with Eve Xanthopoulos


Eve will help guide you with any guilt or trauma that still haunts you. She will have an open discussion and a list of questions for you to answer amongst yourself and others in the group.. you will understand why you feel the way you feel and tap into a deeper layer within. She can show you where it stems from, and how it is currently affecting your everyday life.

Awareness is key and she will just bring light on this topic that can feel overwhelming at times. She will open up how she was able to let go of her own issues with guilt which stemmed from a traumatic experience.

Ultimately, you will have a chance to connect with her on many different levels... and connecting with someone on a deeper level is what she expresses to be the most healing. 

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Eve Xanthopoulos is a passionate philanthropist, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. She started her first philanthropic endeavor as a Humanitarian Volunteer in South Africa and lived there for two years. There, she was exposed to the lack of resources that children and adults needed for school and for living. She helped with planting trees in the townships, educating people on how to maintain the trees, and being resourceful. With all the invaluable lessons and experiences she had during her time there, it gave her the tools and drive she needed to pursue her other passions in New York. She had always had a passion for art and was admitted to a coveted internship position at the Marian Goodman Gallery. From voraciously learning about the artists and their work to curating homes of art lovers, she proceeded to create her own company, The Xanth Group, where she privately advises and curates art for her clientele. Simultaneously, she is the business manager for legendary artist Chuck Close and the Brand Ambassador of Joan Hornig Jewelry. Eve is also on the Advisory Committee and Host Committee for the Children’s Health Fund. Eve believes in living life fully, staying grateful, and to be open-minded to learning and helping others. It’s what drives her to pursue other endeavors such as creating and designing a bag for the disabled, completing her first book that will discuss guilt and what's important about why you choose to make choices, and producing an art therapy project series for the homeless and refugees. Eve is always traveling the globe, volunteering and raising money for foundations, but calls New York her home.