<Saturday, February 15th 2020> Stone Medicine Circle

Stone Medicine Circle

with Sadie Kadlec
Saturday, February 15th
Exchange: $55


Looking to refresh your relationship to Love? Come experience the powerful heart chakra expansion from this crystal healing experience.

Working with the energy of Amazonite, Rhodochrosite, and Ruby Fuchsite this stone medicine circle dives deep into the properties of the stones to help you let go of past relationships, reconnect with your own heart, and open up to overflowing LOVE.

Meditation and Reiki Crystal Healing will follow an in-depth discussion of the selected stones, which each participant receives as an offering to continue working with at home.

Affectionately known as Maha Rose’s own ‘lil Tangerine Quartz’, Sadie’s passion for crystals was ignited after spending the last year researching the magical properties of these earthly gifts and exploring the ways they can enhance our lives.She is an intuitive healer, collage artist, and child mentor based in New York City who embraces and supports others with her joyful heart and sincere listening ear to facilitate empowered healing, self-love, and awareness. Ever a believer in the power of touch, she was immediately drawn to the gentleness of Reiki. Following her Reiki level 1 & 2 attunements with Erika Spring through Maha Rose, she began a mentorship with Padma Gonzales, wherein she deepened and expanded her practice to include art, sound, and of course crystals! Look for her upcoming Crystal School offerings at Maha Rose!  More