Saturday, February 11th -- Cosmic Love Astrology


with Leslie Galbraith 

Love yourself and attract your lover !

In this workshop we will examine the big three archetypes of love in your birth chart:

The Moon - how we nurture and our emotional needs

Venus - how we relate and our love needs - the feminine principle

Mars - what we desire - the masculine principle

By understanding the nature of these energies in our chart we can then use this awareness to strengthen our self love and vibrate at our greatest potential to attract someone who matches our vibe.

No prior astrology knowledge necessary. The workshop will begin with a basic introduction on how to read the map of your soul’s journey.

$40 pre reg | $45 day of 

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Leslie Galbraith practices the sacred art of astrology. At the moment of our first breath we are imprinted with a cosmic consciousness unique to ourselves. The natal birth chart is a map to guide us in our journey of the soul's intent. By using her intuitive insight channelled through the chart, she helps to bring awareness to our greatest strengths and our toughest challenges. Just as the earth cycle's through the seasons, we all cycle through different phases of life ever changing. By looking at the current position of the planets in relation to our natal chart we can see the times of harmony, friction, flow and blockage. In the quest to live our best self, astrology is an extremely helpful tool to guide us there.