Saturday, December 22nd -- Winter Solstice: Tea, Voice, & the Heart


with Olivia Clementine & Adriana Rizzolo

Join Olivia and Adriana in a healing space of opening to the vulnerability, potency and bliss that lives inside us. Through the path of tea, meditation and the voice, we will explore shining our light of love on the first day of longer sunlit days. We are each luminous forces. We hope to support you in recognizing and settling into your sublime, earthly and heartful nature.

When we discover the power that Love has to not only hurt but heal us, restore and replenish our bodies, and lives we begin to feel more confident in opening up. Many of us crave depth and better connection but lack the self-awareness and practice to know how to continue to open to Love even in the midst of grief, heartbreak, sickness, and even addiction.

How do we live in our body in relationship to love?
How do we want to feel and express our love?
We will sip tea, and do exercises including meditation, voice, movement, and group reflection to feel the Love that wants to show up in our bodies, in our life. To feel the Big love that we are.

Exchange: $55 


Olivia Clementine (right) is a relationship and meditation guide, farmer and herbalist. Over the last 15 years she has been a student of the mind and heart, committed to the path of true liberation through relationship. Relationship with our inner life, with each other and our world.  She offers individual sessions, workshops and retreats to help people grow their capacity for a meaningful, loving and expansive life.


Adriana Rizzolo (left) is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, kirtan leader, and facilitator of healing circles and ceremonies. She is a guide on the spiritual path of the authentic heart, illuminating the power of choosing love above all else as the way to transform hardship into spiritual growth. 

 Adriana helps people from all walks of life experience their innate worth, unspeakable beauty, hidden gifts and sacred power through the sharing of yoga practices not tainted by our societies limited social constructs and prejudices. She has a never ending curiosity about our humanness, and loves to help others build a bridge back to the nature world in relationship, both within, to the Earth and others. 

She helps people reclaim their desire, passion and purpose in life, and work with difficult emotions and grief as an acceptance of the inner radiance and liberation that is every humans birthright.  

Adriana has been featured in the NY Times as a Hair Healer having also been a hair stylist for many years, and has healed from addiction and moved through a lot with the Power of Love and on her many pilgrimages to India.  Now she shares that energy and LOVE for LIFE, with others on retreats and in trainings.