Saturday, December 1st -- Mirrorscope: Rewriting Your Skins Narrative

from 6pm-8pm

with Giselle La Pompe-Moore and Becky Symes

Are you struggling with a skin issue and feel that there’s a piece of inner work that will aid in your healing? Do you want to show up for your skin in the same way that you do for the rest of your health and wellness? Are you ready to elevate your beauty routine into a love-drenched ritual?

Join Mirrorscope (a London-based, co-creation by Giselle La Pompe-Moore and Becky Symes illuminating the space between skin and soul) for an explorative deep-dive to uncover the aspects of self-worth that lie within the relationship you have with your skin.

During this transformative evening, you’ll explore the mind-skin connection; seeking to forgive yourself for the words whispered in the mirror and release the thoughts that have become a soundtrack to your darkest moments.

You will let go of limiting beliefs by cutting ties to negative self-talk, comparison and criticism. You’ll also discover ways to shift these towards a place of self-love and acceptance through ritual, crystal healing, storytelling, energy work and a skin-focused meditation. You’ll leave with a renewed perspective and toolkit of prompts, rituals and techniques.

Exchange: $40


 Giselle La Pompe-Moore is the founder of Project Ajna - an unapologetic approach to holistic self-preservation and Intuitive Beauty. She has aligned her current work as a certified meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner with her prior experience in the fashion and beauty industry to specialise in guiding clients to a place of skin acceptance by rediscovering the relationship they have with their skin and bodies.

Becky Symes is a holistic skin coach and founder of HOLISTICA - a crystal-charged botanical beauty brand on a mission to transform the way that women relate to their skin (and in turn the world). Borne out of a dysfunctional relationship with her own skin, Becky’s multi-faceted approach to skin health takes you from the cellular to the spiritual; drawing on her studies in nutrition, natural formulation and holistic facial therapy.