Saturday, August 17th -- Sacred Rose

Saturday, August 17th -- Sacred Rose

Sacred Rose: Womb anatomy, and energy cultivating practices for the empowered Goddess’ Toolbox’

with Natalie Pierson


Would you like a deeper connection to your feminine energy?

Do you desire to experience more openness and love in your life?

Free up stuck energy, and bring more trust and pleasure into your body with this 2 hour experiential workshop with Natalie. She will guide you through body movement practices, self massage and partnered exercises that will free up held tension, that is preventing the connection between your heart and sex center.

Discover the benefits of breast massage (clothing on) and a practices to clear your energy. Connect in a sacred circle and wear comfortable goddess garb to breathe and move in.

This workshop is open to all beings that identify as a woman and have a womb.

Practices and concepts taught in this workshop are sourced from her teachers Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna, who co-facilitate and certify Tao Tantric Healing Arts and Sacred Sexualtiy for Women.

Exchange: $44

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

*Image in Workshop Square by Christa Fox*

Natalie Pierson is an integrative healer, body mover & shaker and tao tantric healing arts facilitator with a B.S. in exercise science. She has traveled the globe gathering sacred knowledge and healing practices that she offers to share with you and to humanity. With her vast experience in the industry and deep spiritual touch, Natalie's' sessions & experiences help others to connect to their body, heart and harmonize their energy for centering and empowerment.