Saturday, August 17th -- Four Months of Abundance

Saturday, August 17th -- Four Months of Abundance

with Chase Chualong 


We create can relationships with planetary energies so that we can draw them closer to us and benefit from them. This year features Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is an excellent place in the sky for Jupiter. As Jupiter represents our personal and collective expansion, we all have the opportunity to tap into a reserve of abundance.

Join us for an even of ritual devoted to Jupiter, calling and inviting abundance and wealth. Learn how to use ritual to draw in the expansive nature of Jupiter for the next 4 months.

This year we have access to Jupiter moving through the sign of Sagittarius (November 2018-December 2019). Jupiter’s qualities of flow, ease, opportunity and wealth are accessible, though as it has been retrograde since April it has been working behind the scenes.

When Jupiter stations direct in August, we will have 4 months of expansion, wealth and opportunity. By building a relationship with Jupiter we can ask for what we need and have more agency in our requests.

Next year in 2020, the planetary weather does not carry the same sense of ease and more of a sense of hard work. It is favorable to capture this expansive energy now.

We will begin by building an altar with herbs, flowers, crystals and materials that resonate to Jupiter. We will then recite the orphic prayer to Jupiter and bless handmade candles.

We will look at our charts and find specifically where the themes of ease and abundance show up and identify individual ways to work with Jupiter.

You will receive:

-a handmade beeswax candle blessed with herbs, stones and made with astrological timing that draws in Jupiter

-a handmade Jupiter pendant, made with astrological timing that draws in Jupiter

-an understanding of how to build your own Jupiter altar

-a calendar of dates/times to perform your Jupiter ritual

-personalized understanding of your Jupiter placement in your birth chart and how you find wealth in your life

-a tangible introduction to planetary magic

Please bring a copy of your birth chart and a pen and paper for notes. You can get a free copy of your birth chart on

Please email chase for any questions: *space is limited to 20 as we will look at each persons chart with interactive dialog

Exchange: $55

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

Chase Chualong is a professional astrologer from San Francisco, currently based in New York City. He is the founder of the Bay Area Healers Market. Chase is certified through Adam Sommer and by the NCGR - Professional Astrologers Alliance. His work with astrology offers a lens that describes an individual’s needs for health and balance – As everyone is completely unique, astrology accurately deciphers and provides practical ways to feel connected to one’s essence. Astrology helps to identify the tools, strengths and areas of growth that are occurring within one’s life. This can be a type of growth that is consistent throughout life, as well as recognizing what areas of life are currently requiring attention. His style is casual, deep and explores the intersection of physical, mental and spiritual health, using the stars as guides.