Saturday, August 12th -- Tools for Mercury Retrograde


with Jarrod Mayer & Melody Balczon 

Mercury retrograde seems to be everyones favorite astrological scapegoat. Mercury rules our communication and thus we can experience difficulty within this field during this time. Everything from emails not going through, to misunderstandings, we can experience the full range of miscommunications on an inner- and interpersonal level.

During Mercury retrograde we are given an opportunity for reflection, providing an ideal time for meditation. Through meditation, yoga, chanting, and sound, this workshop will allow us to generate a sustainable energy of support to help us through this time.

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, once said you should meditate enough so that the planets do not affect you. We hold within us the same power as Mercury. This workshop will release it and allow us to reap the benefits of this retrograde.

We will finalize and seal this energy with a gong bath using a Mercury gong which is tuned to the orbit of the planet.

Exchange: $35 

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Jarrod Byrne Mayer and Melody Balczon bring a practical application of yogic and sound technologies so it can be fully integrated within your daily life. They have been married for 9 years and currently reside in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with their two cats. Together they launched “Brooklyn Healing Arts,” specializing in modern-archaic healing modalities. They like hugs, ice cream, and good times.