Wednesday August 30th -- Intro to Running A Spiritual Business

Wednesday August 30th -- Intro to Running A Spiritual Business

with Maha Rose founder, Lisa Levine


Welcome to the New Age. You’re a healer, or you’d like to be a healer. Or you’d like to support people by doing good in the world. You’d like to support the world by doing good in the World.  This takes awareness, skills, clarity and confidence. Join Maha Rose founder, Lisa Levine for this open forum covering topics surrounding the challenges, opportunities, and blessings that arise in running a spiritual business.

Topics will include:

1. Spiritual Practice & Intuition

2. Your Unique Gifts

3. The masculine and feminine energies in business

4. Money!

5. Marketing

6. Ethics

7. Balancing it all in this modern age

Join us for conversation, exercises and time for personal questions.

This is a preliminary introductory course to prelude a longer spiritual business mentorship program. 

All are welcome, regardless of level of spirituality and business experience.

Exchange | $60

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*image of Maha Rose hand by Lindsay Mann

Lisa Levine MS LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, a natural healer and an artist as well as the founder of Maha Rose. The tools she uses are needles and moxa, touch, shiatsu, Reiki, guided visualization, the breath, laughter, and on very full moons- a song. She wants you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that isn't serving you and connecting with your more radiant Self. She received her Reiki Masters in 2008 with Padma Gonzalez and has been teaching since 2009. It is one of her very favorite things to share the teachings of Reiki with ready individuals.