Saturday, April 22nd -- Express to the Center of the Onion


with Dr. Patricia Simko  

We have all heard about personal work as 'peeling back the layers of the onion.' We know that this can be long and difficult work. And have you ever wondered what we will find in the center of this onion? In this workshop, we explore the center, the core that underlies experience. What do we find there?

We begin to experience the potential for new experience that we find in that core. And we explore methods for arriving at this core, working through and metabolizing the many layers of experience in a new, efficient and personal way.

The workshop will include a guided meditation, a presentation, break-out groups and interactive q+a.

$30 pre-reg | $35 day of 

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Patricia Simko is a psychologist and teacher of psychospiritual practice. She is a seasoned presenter of experiential work, covering subjects like Dreams, Inner States, Trauma, Soul Work, Transformation of the Self, among others. She is a teacher at the New School University, New York University, and a certified teacher of The Diamond Approach® in the Ridhwan School. You can view Patricia's website is at