Saturday, April 20th -- The Goddess Embodied

Saturday, April 20th -- The Goddess Embodied

with Siedeh Foxie 


As the sacred feminine re-emerges here in the Western world, harmful beliefs and stigmas attached to our bodies and sexual experiences are beginning to break. We are radiant beings possessing a direct connection to source, though most of us have been blocked from the potential of our sexual power and its ability to raise consciousness. In this workshop, we’ll explore the root of traditions that honor the goddess and sacred within, shifting our subconscious perspectives of sexuality into that of communion with the soul and cosmic divine.

We’ll discuss the goddess archetypes throughout historic mythology and modern iconography. As we co-create a supportive and divinely charged atmosphere, we’ll begin to dissolve inhibition and negative attitudes surrounding our sexuality through a ritual of tantric breathing techniques, ancient Taoist practices, and sensual movement set a to a delicious soundtrack, all designed to enhance female sexual energy and awaken sensuality. The cultivation of these modalities has been known to raise the vibration of our luminous subtle body, empowering us to attract all that we desire and more!

To close, we’ll craft an all natural personal lubricant infused with herbs and flower essential oils known to increase sexual energy for use in your own practice of pleasure. Each participant will leave with the intimate awareness of sensual flow and how to remain liberated in the feeling centers of our being with self-acceptance and compassion.

Please wear comfortable clothing to move in. Bring a notebook or a journal for self-inquiry.

Exchange: $55 


Siedeh Foxie is a Brooklyn based intuitive practicing shamanic healing through ancient traditions. Accessing a blend of energy modalities including breathwork, healing touch, sound vibration, and plant medicine, Siedeh holds space that allows connection to our inner wisdom; thereby gaining insight and clarity to empower profound shifts. Through studies of the Eastern principles of spirituality, with her roots in shamanism from South America, she believes that we all possess the unique abilities to heal ourselves, others and ultimately the world at large. We are all intuitive beings equipped with the necessary tools we need to clear a blockage, release trauma, balance energy, and restore harmony to fulfill our soul potential.