Saturday, April 20th -- Healing Through Art: Collage

Saturday, April 20th -- Healing Through Art: Collage

with Sadie Kadlec


Art is the supreme healer. It acts as a balm to the soul facilitating deeper understanding and expression of who we are and how we feel, easing the communication of those sentiments that affect our day-to-day lives. Its ability to surface all that is hidden deep within and offer it up for witnessing and release make it a powerful tool in connecting with the world around us and recognizing the divinity in all things.

This mini-retreat is perfect for anyone looking to open up to whats locked within, wanting to connect in a more profound way with their creativity and community, or looking for a beautiful way to spend the afternoon!

Meditation, journaling, creative projects, and sharing circles will be used to support the discovery and expression of one’s inner landscape while building community. An inspiring and delicious tea blend will be served to stimulate the senses, relax the heart, and promote creativity.

The creative projects change with each session. The creative theme for this mini-retreat will focus on using collage for self-discovery and acceptance. All materials are provided.

Exchange: $80

S I G N    U P   O N L I N E

Sadie Kadlec is an artist and wellness practitioner at Maha Rose who hosts experiences for adults and children throughout NYC. Her events offer participants the opportunity to uncover and embrace their unique voice through meditation and creative expression while strengthening their connections to their communities.