Saturday, April 13th -- Human Design : Find Your Best Environment


with Alexandra Clark 

Are you ready to feel more at home within yourself and your environment? In this 2-hr interactive workshop, we will discover the best locations for you with Human Design.

Human Design is a blend of ancient and modern sciences and combines the best of Astrology, the Chakra System, and the Chinese I Ching into one comprehensive chart. During this workshop, we will review the basics of Human Design and how to read your own chart. Then we’ll deep dive into aspects of your chart that speak specifically to your environment.

We all have a unique energetic relationship to our environment. Are you someone who requires a lot of personal space? Do you work best in a tiny office, or is your optimal spot for productivity a noisy cafe? All of this is revealed in your chart! The perfect workshop for someone who is planning to move, vacation, or just make their home or workspace more energetically supportive. You will learn if you are a cave, mountain, valley, shore, or kitchen type, what that means, and how to incorporate these landscapes practically into your life.

Exchange: $40 


*Note: Please send your Birth Info (time, date, location) to after registering. 

Alexandra grew up with a love of travel, always seeking to learn more about language, culture, and the unseen forces that tie us all together. She spent her early years frequently relocating and it was these moving experiences that introduced to the energetics of location, and how different environments can change outlook and perspective. While in school for Chinese Medicine, Alexandra discovered locational astrology and Human Design through a professor, fascinated by both system's acknowledgement of our soul’s relationship to space. She now practices with the intent to help people understand there is always a path, reason, and unique timing to life. In her sessions, she uses a blend of astrological mapping techniques and human design to help others find a greater sense of where they are, and where they are going. Alexandra deeply believes that you don't need to travel far distances to see all the benefits of this work, many of the findings on your maps and charts can be applied to everyday life at home.