<Sat and Sun May 9-10, 2020> Cranial Sacral Therapy Immersion For Curious Hands-on Practitioners

Cranial Sacral Therapy Immersion For Curious Hands-on Practitioners

with Dr. Chinabear Joseph
Saturday & Sunday May 9th-10th

Exchange: $485.00


Have you ever wondered what exactly is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Dr. Chinabear Joseph invites you to join her for a weekend immersion into an introductory workshop on Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

Dr. Joseph will present the philosophical and anatomical foundations of CST including the Primary Respiratory Mechanism, Cranial Sacral Motion and Fascial Continuity.

Through learning these concepts and ample guided hands-on practice you will be able to complement your existing treatment protocols with effective, healing CST techniques.

This immersive weekend will be an introductory overview of the anatomical and physiological components of the CS system and how it ties into the structure and function of the body.

You will be introduced to the following underlying principles of CST including:

  • The primary respiratory mechanism
  • Cerebral spinal fluid dynamics
  • Overview of the cranial bones and their membranous sutures
  • The dural membranes of the skull and spinal cord
  • The relationship of all of the above to the sacrum

With ample time devoted to hands on practicum, participants will learn a basic treatment protocol that can be adapted into their existing practice, or used as a stand alone treatment. Knowledge of the elemental concepts of CST presented in this workshop can open new doorways in the participants’ journey as a healer.

Dr. Chinabear Joseph has been a chiropractor in private practice in Oakland, CA since 1986. In the early 1990’s, struggles with injuries from her first career as a dancer led her to explore a variety of healing modalities beyond the structural model of chiropractic. She sought out different Cranial Sacral teachers including study with the Upledger Institute, as well as private tutorials with practicing osteopaths. In Northern California Dr. Joseph was fortunate to learn from the local Hoopa and Weitchpec tribespeople how to identify, harvest and use native plants as well as prepare herbal tinctures, formulas and salves. In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Joseph has studied extensively and mastered many body work techniques including Deep TIssue Manual Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, OMFT (Oral Myofunctional Therapy), and Kinesio and Rigid Leukoplast Taping methods for joint and soft tissue injury. Dr. Joseph skillfully integrates these modalities, including the deeply healing practices and concepts of CST, into her work. She specializes in working with traumatic birth issues in newborns as well as TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) dysfunction and post-concussive disorders. Dr. Joseph is a Kabbalah student and has a deep belief in the innate wisdom of the soul. Her aim is to facilitate her students in accessing, trusting and bringing forth healing in ourselves and others through the direct expression of that wisdom, using our preferred modalities, and our own unique gifts.

Know that the soul yearns to know the experience of the body, and the body yearns to know the experience of the soul.Reb Nachman of Breslev