Sandra Sitron is an astrologer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She was introduced to astrology at a young age and it became part of the lens through which she viewed the world.

Around the time of her Saturn Return (a "life-restructuring" transit that occurs when one is in one's late twenties), she was struck by the relevance of the cycles of the planets to her own life and to the lives of those around her. At that time, she began building upon her strong foundation in psychological astrology through independent studies. She is currently expanding her studies in humanistic astrology with astrologer and author Noel Tyl. For her personal use, the practice of astrology has felt revelatory, allowing her to step in time with the cycles of her life and with her purpose.

Through synthesis of the symbols and archetypes of the natal chart, she provides information about an individual’s unique challenges, harmonies, and life purpose. By listening closely and holding space for her clients, she is able to support them in their personal journeys of healing and growth.

During an astrology session with Sandra, one can expect to learn about the current cycles one is moving through as well as connect more consciously with the energies described in one’s birth chart.

Astrology Sessions: 55 minutes for $125, or 85 minutes for $190. Please allow advance notice of 1 day for chart preparation.

Astrology + Hypnosis: 85 minutes for $190. Please allow advance notice of 1 day for chart preparation.

Hypnosis Sessions: 85 minutes for $150 1st session, 55 minute follow up sessions for $125.

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“I absolutely loved working with Sandra as we took a look at my solar year. It was so powerful to have a road map to my soul and to connect the stars to how my energy is manifesting itself. It’s so helpful and empowering to understand the context through which we love, create and feel. Sandra helped me see myself clearly through guidance as well as listening. The process gave me a sense of acceptance and understanding for my place in the world at this moment. Thank you for an amazing reading!” -K.A.

“This was my first reading with Sandy and it was very comforting to see patterns that I’ve noticed in my life reinforced in my natal chart. It made me feel that there was some basis for aspects of myself that I’ve experienced over the years. Additionally, seeing that patterns laid out in front of me on Sandy’s chart, I felt, for the first time, the possibility of changing them. Or at least accepting them and working within their context.” -C.S.

“I’ve had two readings with Sandy, a natal chart reading and a follow up reading. She has an informed and clear way of breaking down elements of the chart so that the patterns and archetypes make sense and resonate. I found her readings intuitive and also practical. I highly recommend her readings for anyone interested in learning more about their chart and how those patterns manifest in their lives.” - S.L.