Sadie Kadlec

Sadie Kadlec

Our in house crystal muse, Sadie Kadlec, has begun Mineral Muse, an online space to learn and heal through a variety of different energy and crystal healing offerings. You can explore her work further at || ||  

Her passion for crystals ignited as a young child who loved connecting with Earth energies. Memories of digging up small stones to polish in her rock tumbler or collecting precious stones as talismans would later become the foundation of her connection to the crystal realm.

She began this journey at MAHA ROSE receiving her Reiki 1 + 2 attunements with Erika Spring, followed by Akashic Records with Christina Cross. Her healer mentor Padma Gonzalez helped deepen her spiritual practice and introduced her Amma. She recieved her training in breathwork from Erin Telford and David Elliott and Reiki Masters from Lisa Levine. During this time, she spent several years exploring the properties of minerals and the powerful ways they can enhance our lives.

Her offerings are a unique blend of these modalities and experiences which she uses to support others in finding their own voice and awareness with immense compassion and empowerment. Whether it is in a one-on-one session or a group experience, she brings with her a joyful, loving heart and the constancy of crystalline energy. 

She will miss seeing you in the shop and connecting with you around crystals! For a special Maha Rose community discount, please email her at