Thursday, August 21st -- Sacred Warrior Boxing & Warriorship Workshop


When we come into contact with our power, we can relax and be more at peace with ourselves and the world around us. In this workshop, Sacred Warrior Founder, Vanessa Chakour shares practices to access and develop power, heighten awareness, intuition, and synchronize our minds with movement. This workshop will include dynamic boxing & martial arts inspired exercises, meditation and creative exploration to peel back layers toward our innate strength. Movement can be adjusted to any age and level of fitness. We will share and learn about nourishing herbal infusions so local healing plants may assist us in this process. Participants are encouraged to bring journals.

About Vanessa and the Inception of Sacred Warrior

Sacred Warrior evolved out of founder, Vanessa Chakour's personal exploration and journey of healing through visual art, athletic training, competitive fighting and meditation; and as in integration of her work as an herbalist, activist, trainer and teacher.

After a series of physical issues at a young age, including chronic asthma and a car accident in which she fractured her back and neck, Vanessa found healing and release of internal limitations through creative expression, athletic training, and meditation. While slowly rehabilitating herself after a year of stillness, she became fascinated by what held her back physically. Generally it was a belief or story to examine and uproot and move beyond. Visual art and writing were instrumental in her process of revealing the source of perceived limitations. The more she reached within through the creative process, the more she was able to uncover the sources of internal doubt to strengthen and embrace her body. She continued pushing boundaries to become a personal trainer and eventually train as a both an amateur and professional boxer, continuing these combined methods to increase awareness and performance. She has been cultivating her multi-dimensional approach as a teacher, artist, athlete and trainer for over 15 years.

An avid environmentalist, Vanessa's exploration led her to study herbal medicine and various sustainable practices. She is passionate about helping to deepen people's relationships to their own bodies and the body of the earth. Many of her workshops inspire a connection to nature, to the wild—inside and out—and the multitude of healing plants in urban areas. She studies the Wisewoman tradition with renowned Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett and has learned from other celebrated teachers such as Matthew Wood. Vanessa and Matthew recently combined their work to launch 'Warriorship and Shamanic Plant and Animal Medicine' workshops and retreats that will be ongoing. She has partnered with the Wolf Conservation Center where she is offering Sacred Warrior workshops and retreats and developing one of an ongoing series of Medicinal and Teaching gardens. Her explorative artwork has gone on to be featured in prominent private collections, art publications and public exhibitions. She shares her methods of creative exploration with students and clients. As an inspirational speaker, she has spoken at Northeastern University, The Muhammad Ali Center, Brown University and The United Nations.