Sunday, March 29 -- Sacred Sound and Meditation

with Christina Cross

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to draw on the perfect physical, spiritual, and healing energies of light and sound!  Escape from the pressure and distraction of everyday life and treat your mind, body, and soul to an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed state. Participants will be lead through a simple guided meditation and will then experience the amazing sound and energy of the singing crystal pyramids.  The pyramids combine the high vibration of sound with sacred geometry assisting one in breaking down and diminishing old patterns of being then install healthier, more supportive patterns in place.  The more peace that is present in your personal world will only enhance and contribute to peace in the world at large.  Everyone is welcome, please wear comfortable clothing and be ready to bliss out!

Christina Cross is a full time Akashic Records consultant and Advanced Certified Teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process© assisting herself and others in their personal growth and success since February 1998. More about Christina can be found at