Sunday, June 7th -- Rewrite Your History


with Rebecca Conran

We first see the world though the eyes of a little child. That "inner child" remains with us throughout our lives, no matter how outwardly “grown-up” and intelligent we become. If our vulnerable child was hurt, abandoned, shamed, or neglected, that child’s pain, grief, and anger live on within our subconscious and affect our behaviors and patterns of relating.

In this powerful two hour workshop Rebecca shows us how we can learn to nurture that sometimes needy inner child, in essence offering ourselves the good parenting we needed and longed for. Through a step-by-step process of exploring some of the developmental stages of our childhood, we can free ourselves from our original conditioning and become empowered in the here and now.

 $30 pre-register | $35 day-of

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"Thank you again for having the workshop. It was one of the best things I've done for myself." - K.B. 
"I was a bit nervous coming into the Rewrite Your History workshop because I always feel a bit selfish going back to 'problems' found in my roots considering I had such a loving childhood. My family fortunately never had underwent a divorce, financial problems, or substance abuse, but throughout my life I felt like I was constantly limiting my full potential due to insecurities I developed from a young age. It was refreshing to trace back to some of those roots and with a big dose of compassion and awareness find the courage to potentially overcome them. Rebecca has a very kind and gentle approach that let everyone in the room feel safe and loved and her personal journey gave the audience courage to find some newly realized Self Love." - L. R. 


Rebecca Conran is a Certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and a Reiki Energy Healer. She received her nutritional and holistic health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and she practices the Dr. Usui method of Reiki healing. She is both a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient which means she has the ability to experience and feel another persons present, past or future physical and emotional states. As such she is able to clearly pin point areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and with her knowledge of wellness and nutrition as well as energy, she brings her clients back into balance holistically.