Reiki Masters Training- May- June 2017

with Reiki Master Padma Gonzalez

Mondays & Thursdays from 1pm-4pm 
May 4th, 8th, 15th, 22nd

June 1st, 5th, 12th & 19th 

Step into Self-Mastery and the Mastery of Reiki- a journey of Light and Healing.

This is for those who have completed level 1-2 and would like to continue to study and become teachers.

The Reiki Masters is an opportunity to serve and come into a deeper commitment to life and your hearts path.  For Padma, the teaching course helps people move forward and unblock obstacles that have been in the way to opening up further. It is a life change and although traditional Reiki information is passed, there are many opportunities to recieve healing and alignment of your own energy  through the work. It may feel like a part of you dies so that a new one can be reborn.
In this course you will learn: Energy work, Reiki 1 class, Reiki 2 class, and the attunements for the Reiki Masters.  I sometimes meet with students who at the beginning feel doubtful about doing the Reiki Masters It is very natural to feel that one isnt ready but sometimes just  having the will and the intention is the beginning of the journey and having a beginners mind makes us more open to recieving.

Contact Padma for the initial interviews and Reiki orientation meeting at 

Exchange: $2,000 

"Padma: integrity, devotion, and spontaneity were a guiding force in the Reiki Master training.  The intensive striped away ego and uncertainty, and in the presence of simplicity, Padma taught us the harmonious nature of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.  She sincerely embodied her teachings with ruthless compassion and love.  Following this example in my Reiki practice I cultivated my own intuitive wisdom.  I discovered the voice of spirit .  The immense thanks I feel arrive with tears and warmth knowing this time has forever changed the depth of my practice, love, and life.   It is a privilege to study with this wild/wise woman, to learn her ways, to learn of the universal life force that penetrates through her being and life..." -  Kelsey Barret, Reiki master 2010