Rachelle Robinett is a Plant Based Health Coach and Herbalist, combining holistic, natural medicine with practical lifestyle training to help you achieve balanced, lasting well-being.

Rachelle is certified in Complementary and Integrative Health, and has studied the relationship between plants and bodies with healers and shaman in North, Central, and South America.

“I am inspired to understand as much about the human experience as one can in one life, and to translate that learning into practices that we can all use to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Plants are our food. Food is our medicine. Nature is our source of life. Let us live with it.”

Focuses: Complementary & Integrative Health, plant-based nutrition, herbalism & traditional medicine, ayurveda & yoga, meditation, Reiki, mindfulness & minimalism, spirituality & reality


Wellness Sessions include an initial 85min meeting to review your complete health, and set goals together.

Following sessions are 55min and recommended weekly.

Sessions can be general or specific; we can work on Plant Based Wellness overall, or target a particular health goal (be it digestive issues, stress/anxiety, weight loss, or otherwise).


55min session: $125

85min session: $175

Book Online or call 718.757.2758 to schedule an appointment.

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.



“I've never felt this great. No stomach aches, no bloating, no pain, no constipation. I had my period last week and was totally fine, even though it's usually the most uncomfortable/self-conscious week ever. I've lost 5 pounds and feel like I'm closer to getting the type of lean muscle definition I've been working toward for a year and a half.” - N.

“Rachelle over-delivers in every way. Upon completing 8 weeks of coaching and guidance, I'm left with years worth of wisdom and tools to learn with and have fun. From copious delicious recipes to useful reading to natural remedies to talks on philosophy and emotional intelligence... she offers a curated experience that has left me with my own unique and personalized playbook for cooking, living, and looking forward. Overall, I appreciated Rachelle's understanding and flexibility reminding me there is no universal prescription for wellness and providing an exciting path forward built especially for me.” - Daniel Ryan, www.danielryancrt.com

“Rachelle Robinett’s sharp health coaching had me not only rediscover sleep, vegetables, sustainable vitality, and vegetarianism, but also the roles the food/reward dynamic played in my decision making, and how to be 100% okay with who I am while acknowledging in practice that my reality is not the whole universe's.” - A.

“I don’t even know who I am. I can’t believe I haven’t eaten any grains. Not eating any peanut butter. I’m 20 days with no alcohol and a month with no gluten!” - S.

“Rachelle transformed my entire approach to food and gave me a whole new understanding of what it means to be alive and vibrant from the inside out. Of course, I say/deliver this compliment to as a coach, but it applies to her humanity as well … she’s the best in the biz. - Andrew Greenblatt