Saturday, May 30th -- Qi Gong

Saturdays May 2nd, 9th, 16th & 30th (No class Labor Day Weekdn 5/23)


Qigong (“chee-gung”) or Energy Cultivation is a term used to describe various practices that help balance physical, mental-emotional and spiritual health. These practices combine movement, stretching, static postures,  breathing and visualization. The session will have both intense elements in it and gentle elements.

The effect of regular, dedicated practice of this art can repair chronic physical injuries, enhance intuitive awareness, and allow one to calmly negotiate life's challenges and tests with an abundance of emotional strength and balance.

This class will include an introduction to basic principles of Chinese medicine, Daoist natural influences and teach students techniques to achieve optimum levels of health and harmony.

Wear comfortable, loose or flexible clothes and socks if your feet tend to get cold.

Pre-Register for Series (4 sessions): $80
Drop-In single class: $25

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William Avedon lived in Beijing, China for over 12 years where he studied under one of China's leading masters of Qigong healing and meditation, Liu Xuyang. Master Liu's style of Qigong incorporates slow, meditative movements and yoga-like poses held for extended periods of time to build the practitioner's ability to heal and strengthen their body, stimulate their internal energy channels, and open their third eye.