Sunday, September 21st -- Psychic Development: Oracle Card Divination

Sunday, September 21st -- Psychic Development: Oracle Card Divination


with Michael Domitrovich

$65 pre-register / $75 after Friday 9/19

Awaken your inner wisdom!

This practice based class will teach you the basics of working with oracle cards. We’ll gather and have a lecture, followed by a guided meditation to raise the vibe and aid in connecting with your inner guidance. Then we’ll spend the rest of the class practicing Oracle Card readings.

Topics Covered:
*History of card divination

*Differences between Oracle Cards and Tarot

*Basics of protection and invocation

*Understanding and working with psychic senses

*Readings for yourself

*Readings for others

*Using cards for: inspiration, visualization, meditation and evolution

Beginners always welcome!


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Michael Domitrovich is a trained psychic, medium, healer, and conscious channel who receives psychic information from healing spiritual entities that can guide you on your path to total wellness. This can include information about your soul path, destiny, and past lives, as well as suggestions for diet, exercise, meditation practice, mantras, and affirmations to help sustain the deep changes that can occur in a session. A session with Michael is adapted to suit his client's individual needs and may include sound therapy using tuning forks and toning, crystal therapy, chakra reading and balancing, and cord cutting to release toxic emotions, thoughts and relationships. Michael accesses the deepest healing possible by facilitating the connection to your healthiest, happiest, wholest Self. He has a private practice based in New York and Los Angeles.