Visiting Healer from India, Padma Gonzalez July 3rd- 26th

Visiting Healer from India, Padma Gonzalez July 3rd- 26th

Maha Rose Healer in Residence-- visiting from India July 3rd- 26th

Padma Gonzalez is a natural intuitive healer and has been working in the healing arts for 17 years. She works with groups, couples and individual clients in New York and Mexico. Influenced by her own Mexican culture, she has performed several marriage, baby and bridal ceremonies in Mexico and the US. She is a Rose Healer which is a technique using fresh roses to heal, inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is a Reiki teacher, teaching all three levels since 2004. She studied energy light work in Mexico City and is also a painter and life long artist. She currently lives and volunteering in India where she works with different textiles, designing for a humanitarian organization. She spends her time between India, New York, and Mexico.

"My work always changes and evolves. I live in India and practice meditation and other spiritual practices, service is the focus of my life. I am a spiritual aspirant learning about myself and what is not me. By removing the layers of ignorance, the truth in us shines forward. Healing work can help remove and bring awareness to some of these layers. My intention is to help people see and move through the blocks. Healing is a life long process that when matched with reflection and prayer, acceptance and grace becomes your gift to your self and the world."

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Rose Healing Session
*May also include reiki, spiritual counseling.

Healing with the Divine Feminine through her roses is a profound and beautiful experience that connects us to our essence. Originated in Mexico from the Virgin of Guadalupe, every color of rose has a different vibration. As the crown jewel of the plant kingdom, the rose opens our infinite possibilities, taking us on inner journeys of exploration and facilitating our Earth and heart connection. The Divine Mother's simplicity, unconditional love, overflowing generosity and abundance come through the roses in these sessions.

Roses and rose petals are placed on the body and arranged to help align, balance and clear whatever Mother Nature wishes to support you with at this time. Once placed on the body, energy healing begins to flow. Participants have noted sensations arising as the physical body heals. One may experience a dream-like state where psychological healing takes place. The rose energy can also bring up memories from the past that are now ready to be transmuted and released into Love. 

** Please kindly note, you will need to bring your own Roses for the Rose Healing. Choose the ones that speak to you. If it's your first time, please bring pink. ** 

$175 for 85 minutes


Healing Session

Healing and guided meditation sessions are especially good for accelerating and working through problems or gaining strength and insight into your life. You can work through issues that are key to helping you move forward and relax into the healing space and allow things to move through you.

The more we let go and surrender to the emotions, thoughts, memories, and debris that keep us impaired the more space there is for YOU to be YOU happy and loving again. I will use guided meditation and other techniques to bring through the information and awareness that is available in intentional healing spaces for a deeper understanding and unity of the parts that are ready to be seen, held and nurtured. You are welcome to bring anything to the table or just see what comes up for you. 

$150 for 55 minutes



“Our sessions gave me the confidence to face hard decisions and built up my confidence to do so. They also helped me reconnect with higher powers in the universe and breathe through difficult times... I look forward to using what I learned...”- S.

“I came away with insight into my own development and experienced a stretching of my sense of identity. This sloughing off of layers of resistance, like an exfoliation of my ego, has created more space in my life and relationships. I feel more peace than before and am able to express my love more freely.” - S.S

“Padma is both a natural and powerful healer and teacher with the ability to teach and transmit the essence and knowledge of the healing arts with profound clarity and simplicity.”-P. 

"Our couple work with Padma helped us to come into a place or greater clarity, love, and respect in our relationship. Doing this type of deep healing work as a couple is so profound because you go to the root of issues that have affected your relationships your whole life and are able to work on them in space that is both powerful and safe and loving. Padma has a gift of creating this type of sacred healing space."

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