October - December : Fun Heals Everything Mentorship

with Debbie Attias 

every other Wednesday, 6:30pm - 9pm 

October 3rd 
October 17th
October 31st
November 14th 
November 28th 
December 12th
December 18th *Tuesday

The Fun Heals Everything Mentorship is a three month immersion, diving  into the study of energy and healing through self-expression, creativity, and FUN while cultivating happiness from within.

We will grow together as a group over the course of the season in a safe, supportive environment. Using various tools such as breathwork, meditation, movement, and sound, we will uncover the elements of yourself that you would like to share, releasing all fears that surround stepping into your power. Each participant will have the opportunity, if they choose, to collaborate with the energy of the whole by bringing their unique gifts and light to the circle. Debbie will share insights and wisdom from her own healing journey and experience, while providing personalized guidance towards self discovery to help illuminate your path.

Open to healers of various modalities and experience levels as well as those on a self-healing journey. This course is for you if you want to realize your self and your potential and raise the vibration of your life and the world around you.

We will cover
-Connecting to source/love energy
-Creativity as a spiritual practice
-Finding FUN in what you do
-Energy Bodies & Chakras
-Working with/moving energy
-Finding your unique voice
-Tools for better communication
-Working with and on the astral plane
-Intuition/ Channeling
-Paving your own way / Creatively designing your business

Debbie has been doing healing work at Maha Rose for 5 years practicing Breathwork, Reiki, Sound Healing , & Tarot. She is the creator of Dancorcism and Fun Heals Everything.

Exchange: $555

*for payment plans & other inquiries, please email info@maharose.com* 

S I G N . U P . O N L I N E 

Debbie Attias is an intuitive healing artist that lives by the mantra Fun Heals Everything. Debbie received her BFA from Tisch school of the arts and for many years traveled the world as a performance artist with her band, Avenue D.  She has studied Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic Records, and Tarot, and is a certified Sound and Music Healing Practitioner.  Currently she teaches happiness through her unique DANCORCISM class, leads international retreats and offers private healing sessions that creatively incorporate healing modalities to bring you back to you.