<Saturday, March 14th> Breathwork for Healers

Breathwork for Healers

with Josephine Edmondson
Saturday, March 14th

Exchange: $40


You don’t have to sit on a blanket surrounded by incense and crystals to call yourself a healer. Maybe you are a teacher, artist, parent, friend or community member who - in your own unique way - is helping others navigate this wild world. This night is for you. This night is for the helpers: a circle of hearts actively breathing, releasing and connecting together. Let the active breath move you. Let the music comfort you. Let this work guide you, the way you have guided so many. It’s your time to be held and let the dust settle. Together, let’s heal! I’ve got you.

Header Image Credit: Emma High

Josephine is a Seattle-based healer who specializes in trauma-informed practices. She currently serves as the lead teacher and curriculum developer for the University of Washington's Yoga for Healing Program. Over the last ten years she has taught yoga, meditation and breathwork in a variety of settings including prisons, juvenile detention centers and eating disorder treatment programs. Josephine also maintains a private healing practice where she offers Reiki, breathwork and mentorship. Oh, and she loves flowers.