Saturday, November 8th OPEN HOUSE

live MUSIC 1-3pm by

Jarrod Byrne Mayer

FREE workshops 7-10pm:

7:00 Crystal Healing Ceremony with the Crystal Foragers Karma & Tze

8:00 Embodied Creative PlayMapping our Tribe: Looking at our Social Atom with Marisa Sullivan

Marisa was a theater artist for twenty five years and a student of drama therapy and psychodrama.  In this workshop she shares theater games, acting and voice warm ups, empty chair work, and sociometry to explore in a group who we are, what are are visions and how does a group hold and support one another in exploring ourselves.  All of this is done in a supportive, creative and improvisational atmosphere.  

9:00 Tantra for Everyone with Aura Elizabeth
Elusive, sexy, ancient, and secret: Tantra is the art of transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy. Learn about the history, philosophy, and current application of tantric practice. Find greater sensuality in yourself, your relationship, and your daily life.
Lecture followed by breathing exercises and tantra techniques.