<Nov. 29 - Dec. 1> The Heart of Transformation

The Heart of Transformation

with Antonia Talayeh

Nov. 29: 10 am to 6 pm

Nov. 30: 10 am to 6 pm

Dec. 1: 10 am to 5 pm

Exchange: $550


Do you find yourself in re-occurring emotionally triggered/triggering relationships, themes and patterns in life?

Are you a healer practitioner or facilitator?

Maybe you are finding yourself wishing you were better equipped to support others in navigating strong emotional states or traumatic memories.

In this workshop, you will learn interpersonal skills to work with the complex feelings that arise in difficult interactions with the people you love, work with, lead and interact with day-to-day.

You will strengthen your relating skills to your innermost selves, which will then be reflected in your relationship skills with your outer world, which will then be reflected in your life experiences.

We help ourselves and our clients to study their present experience for clues about implicit beliefs and the reactions and strategies that influence our Life Experience.

In this workshop we discover nourishing experiences that we are not having in present time due to old, imprinted belief systems.

We will learn how we recreate old scenarios over and over resulting in a repetitive, sometimes unsatisfactory, feedback loop of life experience.

We discover our “young” selves, who play a role in organizing our experience to affirm the old implicit, adopted, belief/truth.

This is the beginning of shadow work.

This workshop offers:

Why is it important?
*To help heal and empower ourselves, our relationships and the collective
*To experience visceral self knowledge
*To Strengthen trust in our intuition and get out of our own way
*To relate differently, openly, curiously, lovingly, & patiently to ourselves and others.
Which is totally liberating and deeply healing! ​

How do we do it?
Through The Practice of:
*Understanding, practicing and mastering mindfulness, awareness, presence, connection and authenticity
*Loving & Open Heartedness
*Empathizing & Acknowledgment
*Active & Generous Listening
*Exploring interpersonal realms and the soma​​
*Relational Exercises & Special Experiments in action
*Parts work
*6 Step Process to Healing and Integration
*& The spiritual support of the group

The Heart Of Transformation will touch the very core of your being and bring soul-utions to areas of imbalance, as well as providing tools you'll work with forever.

Antonia Talayeh has been practicing, and facilitating deep meditation journeys for many years, using various modalities. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, and recently continuing her evolution with the Red Road Path in the mountains of Chile, and Moon Dance in Mexico. Through her work as a Transpersonal Spirit Coach, she fuses modern and ancient cosmological modalities such as Internal Family Systems and Hakomi. Antonia brings a rich and extensive resource of skills to her work. She is guided in her work by Intuition, nature, loving presence, relationships, gifts and opportunities in everyday living to be fully committed to providing you with support for every aspect of your evolutionary journey.