Noah is a Master of the gentle, yet powerful hands-on healing technique known as Reiki. His practice is simple, intuitive, and effective. As clients enter a state of deep relaxation, Noah serves as a channel for this ancient healing energy. The Reiki then activates the client’s own innate healing intelligence, allowing transformation to occur. Since gaining much of his early practical experience as a volunteer practitioner at Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island, Noah has learned that Reiki’s power is not limited to the physical plane but also offers profound guidance for those walking the spiritual path or doing inner work. 

Noah is the coordinator of Maha Rose’s Thursday night Amma Satsang. His calling to Reiki is grounded in his long-term dedication to meditation, devotional practice, and service. He is grateful to be able to practice healing at Maha Rose, which he considers a spiritual home.

In addition to his healing work, Noah is a musician, husband and father. Though he now lives in Park Slope with his family, Noah spent much of his life in rural Vermont and on coastal Long Island, and he brings the healing power of the woods, the mountains, and the ocean to his Greenpoint practice.



$100 for 55 mins

$150 for 85 mins

$250 for Package of 3 (55 mins each) 

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"Noah’s presence is deeply grounded and peaceful. His magical work comes from this still and connected place, which encourages healing on many levels, deep relaxation and a profound sense of ease. Thank you for sharing your gift." -Christina H.
"The heat of your hands brought comfort to my body. The stillness and calm that I felt along with a sense of internal openness lasted long after the session."  ~Beverly Lazar Davis
"I saw flowers everywhere! Flowers, flowers, flowers..." -Ashley V. 
"A reiki session with Noah is like bathing under primordial rays of sunlight! Noah creates a healing space that feels safe, approachable, heartening, metamorphic - the energy with which he eases you into a treatment is genial and compassionate, very come as you are. His touch is tender and calmative while at the same time supportive, resolute. Though expertly versed in the traditional techniques and lessons of reiki, Noah introduces quite a bit of imagination, instinct, and magic into his work." -Christopher F.