<Mondays in Feb 2020> Love In The Natal Chart : 3 Part Series

Love In The Natal Chart : 3 Part Series

with Malorine Mathurin

February 10th, February 17th, & February 24th


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LOVE SERIES: Love in the Natal Chart: A 3-class series on Attraction, Flirtation and Partnership

How do you attract partners?
How do you manifest self-love?
Is your flirting style working for you?
Who do you attract initially and why does it drive you crazy or stimulate you?
What do you want in relationships?
What do you really NEED in relationships for the long term?

Love. It’s a complicated subject. Some of us cringe, take a deep sigh, reminisce about a lost love, and deflect our feelings, feel grateful or a combination of all of the above. The answers as well as the questions that we have about love can be found in your Natal Chart, our cosmic blueprint. We will allow us to work through our Descendant, Venus and Juno signs and houses in our charts and see why we attract who we do, why it does or doesn’t last and what we ultimately need in the long term. These classes are fun explorations into how we attract love, laugh at ourselves and not take it all so seriously but with practical advice. In these 3 classes, we will work with these aspects to help give you a well-rounded idea of self-love, love and universal love. Come and join us!

This series of three (3) workshops includes:
Class 1: February 10th: What kind of person do you attract? The Descendant in your natal chart
Class 2: February 17th: What’s your Flirting Style? Venus sign and house placement in your natal chart
Class 3: February 24th: Who you want vs. who you need: Long-term love and Juno in our natal charts

Class 1: February 10th -- What kind of person do you attract? The Descendant in your natal chart

The Descendant is that elusive part of our chart that everyone, including professional Astrologers, tends to ignore. Most of us know our Ascendant sign, also called our Rising sign. It is the first thing that people notice and see about us. However, our Descendant sign, which is the opposite of our Ascendant, shows us the people that we tend to attract for good or not.
They also represent hidden sides of ourselves that we have a hard time confronting. Often, we make the Descendant sign the ‘bad guy or girl’. For instance, a Libra Ascendant might be completely disgusted by an Aries or Aries-type of person, they will see them as too aggressive, too loud, too much burping in public, just too much! Can they take them around their friends? But…that Aries person also highlights that hidden Libra need to be naughty, to throw up the middle finger in public, to shove someone back or take that risky job in Alaska. It’s an interesting placement.
So, join us for this workshop where we will find out who we attract initially and what that means for us.

Class 2: February 17th: What’s your Flirting Style? Venus sign and house placement in your natal chart

Sometimes we don’t want anything serious, quoting Tina Belcher, sometimes we want to ‘wink a little, flirt a little”. Your Venus sign not only shows how you flirt but how you attract attention and in the bigger scheme, who you may be attracted to, because narcissists as we are, we appreciate our own flirting style. So, if you’re aggressive and sext before knowing their last name, you might respond to that energy as well. So, let’s discuss and understand your flirting style. Join us at this workshop and blow your and your love interests’ minds!

Class 3: February 24th: Who you want vs. who you need: Long-term love and Juno in our natal charts

Love is a complicated thing but so, is long-term compatibility! Where do we find lasting love in our charts? Long-term success is not only based on who we are attracted to, who sets our hearts on fire, or who just creates that tingle but it also includes who will give us what we need.

Using the Venus sign in your chart to show lasting love is fake news! Your Venus sign only expresses the way you give and receive love, it is not a good indicator of a person that will stoke your fires in the long term and is not the best indicator to base the success of your relationship on – it’s temporary and fleeting. What lasts and is deeper, is our Juno sign. Unlike Venus that is concerned with that instant attraction, Juno is all about commitment, devotion and deeper love. How different are those energies, right? Which is why it is so important to recognize the differences and where Venus and Juno lie in our charts. Join us for this interactive workshop and see the bigger picture when it comes to love.

Malorine Mathurin is an Intuitive Astrologer who uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient skills in her Tarot, Numerology and Divination readings to help her clients. For more than 20 years, Malorine has studied various forms of Astrology and Divination and has a strong passion for helping and nurturing people while they work through karma from previous lives. She uses her Cancer Moon in the 10th house to provide nurturing to her clients in a practical, supportive and grounded way. Malorine’s primary objective is to discharge the karmic issues that are blocking your mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological happiness. In every session and encounter, she aims to offer her client clarity, calm, kindness and understanding in addition to a proactive plan to get to the root of the trauma (s) and develop our dharma (life purpose). Malorine is also a Reiki level 2 practitioner, an IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Teacher, an experienced Tarot reader with over 20 years experience, Card slinger, Numerologist, Akashic Records channeler (trained through Cristina Cross at Maha Rose) and focuses on past life work within all of her sessions, workshops and classes.