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Divine Dispensations with the Enlightened Masters

Divine Dispensations with the Enlightened Masters

Monday, September 9th
with Claudia Navone

The Enlightened Masters are an extraordinary collective consciousness of great spiritual power and wisdom... They are also the ones that can offer us dispensations made of pure light to support us on our evolution of consciousness.

Claudia will take you on a deep meditation journey /teaching in which many Enlightened Masters will bring gifts of accelerations of consciousness to all the participants in accordance to what everyone personally needs.

You may all be familiar with some of the Enlightened Masters like for example Sananda the Christ and Lord Buddha as they both walked the Earth thousands of years ago gifting us their love and light while being here in physical form.

Claudia is a clear channel for these powerful energies and she has the abilities to be a transmitter of their frequencies for the benefit of others.

These light frequencies are working directly on the consciousness of everyone present dissolving what creates blockages and obstacles and replacing it instead with pure gifts, parcels of light that will support every being to accelerate and grow in awareness, it is like
a divine alchemy.

The Enlightened Masters hold the Divine Plan for Humanity and their great energetic presences assist us all to transform more rapidly and gracefully. Humanity is in great need of shifting the paradigms of a very old belief system based on separation, fears and the limitation of endless conditionings instead of oneness open heartedness and internal freedom.

The purpose of the evening is to kickstart this sacred process for the greater good of all the participants.

Exchange: $40

S I G N . U P . O N L I N E 


Born in Florence, Claudia spent her career working for illustrious publications such as Elle, The Sunday Times and Harper’s Bazaar. Following a spontaneous and powerful Spiritual Awakening, she left fashion behind to follow a new path. She divides her time between Florence, London, and Ibiza and travels extensively as a spiritual mentor and teacher with The Divine University. Claudia is the author of "The Shapeshifter: A Tale from Glitter to Light" described as a "memoir of divine love that reads like a heady dream."