<Monday, September 14th - Friday September  18th, 2020> Shiatsu 2

Shiatsu 2

with Shinzo Fujimaki
Monday, September 14th - Friday September  18th, 2020

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In this course, students are focused on Supine Position of Shiatsu. Also students will learn additional 30 acupressure points and how to apply pressure and stretch to tonify each point based on Yin and Yang / Five element theory. Up to an hour of detailed oriental theory including the basic 5 elements is taught at the beginning of the each session. Also students will continuously learn how to take care of your own health (Mana Care) for up to one hour. Attention is paid to how to understand the client’s body, mind and spirit, and how to blend your healing energy so both clients and practitioner’s energy open up to the higher level of healthy energy. Students have ample time each session to give and receive shiatsu under the supervision of the instructor.

Course Objectives

At the end of the week each students will be able to:

  • Deeper understanding the twelve meridians and how to apply stretches and release the energy in each case.
  • Deeper understanding the Yin and Yang theory and learn how to balance and tonify the each meridians and points.
  • Understand the basic five elements theory and how to use it for diagnose and healing session.
  • Understand the additional 30-acupressure points and learn how to press in each point to tonify the whole body.
  • Understand the basic idea of full and empty of each meridian and apply to the treatment.
  • Practice Shiatsu on Supine position and review of Shiatsu 1.
  • Deeper understanding of “Mana Care”.


Shinzo Fujimaki was born in 1954 and since He was a little boy in Japan, He has been practicing the art of Shiatsu and for numerous time he heard this Namikoshi’s words through his TV program and it became a part of his life. Because of it, his main way of communication with his family, especially with mother was doing Shiatsu to her…and deeply recognized the power of healing energy. He could heal so many simple health problems such as shoulder tension and backache without any medications or even often without doctors. And most of all, He was so closed to my mother physically and emotionally, and without doubt, he cultivated his healing energy of “love” through Shiatsu. Yes, so many techniques we could learn but his main focus for the teaching is to teach the magic of “energy” ,call “Ki” in Japanese. He feels very confident that once you experience the flow of this magical energy, you will be fascinated with the healing power of “life”. And it naturally would lead not only healing but also creating your life itself.

Since He came to USA, he was devoted student of “Ki” and without doubt his main teacher was the Japanese martial art of AiKiDo. Philosophy of AiKiDo is to “ the way to harmonize the life energy (Ki) with love” this is always my base of healing and teaching . Because of this, he often quote the word of founder of Aikido, Ueshiba to my healing practice of Shiatsu.

Through decades of clinical practice in Shiatsu, Developed the modern modalities of “Mana Care”, a clinical form of Ai Chi which I call “E.A.S.Y.”, and Fire and Water at the wellness centers and massage schools in Japan, Europe and North America. As a nationally certified continuing education provider, wherever he teachs, there is also great demand for his lectures on The 5 Elements and how individuals can channel energy to increase vitality. Recently he was the main speaker on the 5 Elements at the Northwestern Health Science University.

In addition to being a teacher and author, he has a regular clinical practice in Maui, Hawaii. It was after dozens of years of applied healing that he began conceptualizing the fusion of Shiatsu and Yoga based in the Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements. He developed the practice of Mana Care and E.A.S.Y. to enable individuals to activate key acupressure points while moving through specific postures in a meditative manner both land and water.