Monday, October 15th -- Embroidering for Healing

from 7:30-9:30

with Tala Barbotin Khalidy

The Embroidery for Healing workshop aims to introduce embroidery to participants as a way to surpass trauma and heal themselves through craft in a safe and nurturing space. The workshops are designed for the participants to develop confidence by learning a craft that is not cumbersome, applicable to a range of uses (patches, embellishments, clothing repairs etc.) and that at its core values promotes patience and understanding, and increases focus and clarity.

Embroidery work enables the participants to evaluate the space they currently take up in the world and what takes up the space in their minds, through stitches to look forward to and conversations about the participants’ relationships with themselves and their bodies, as well as their journey through life and intentions for the future. The practice also increases the development of motor skills, helpful to counter the physical limitations of every day life movements or to prevent arthritis.

This intro class will teach basic embroidery stitches and how to create different textures on fabric, and participants will be able to come out of the class with beginning foundations in embroidery and sewing, as well as an embroidery sample. All materials will be included and provided at the beginning of class.

Exchange: $35


 Tala is a fashion designer and educator currently teaching embroidery as an occupational therapy craft at the Womankind NGO, helping residents that have been through sexual violence, domestic violence, as well as human trafficking, to find healing in craft and elaborate plans for their future outside of the residence. Having experienced the benefits of embroidery work herself after going through a family loss, promoting and sharing the practice with others who need it has played a central role in Tala’s career in both fashion design and community work, and her work has recently been featured in i-D magazine.