Monday, May 13th -- The Embeautyment Session

Monday, May 13th -- The Embeautyment Session

with Nicole Cichocki


Beauty at it’s essence, is a pleasurable part of the human experience and is available for us to engage with at all times. But all too often our beauty routines can be robotic, mindless, and an untapped source for greater wellbeing.

Created by Nicole Cichocki, The EmbeautymentTM Method integrates wellness with beauty through a set of 19 mind, body, and spirit practices. It is a holistic approach that results in improved health and ultimately healing. In this 2 hour workshop attendees will learn 3 Embeautyment Method practices and walk away with an expanded concept of what beauty is and how to cultivate greater wellbeing through beauty.

Attendees will:

• Create a more compassionate inner dialogue around beauty

• Transform personal beauty routines into loving beauty rituals

• Increase their physical vitality and capacity for joy

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Nicole Cichocki is an Embeautyment Practitioner, consultant and coach from New York City.  Passionate about bringing needed change to the current state of the beauty industry, she views wellness as the most important marker of beauty. Pioneering change in the way we experience beauty services, at Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, she is blending the craft of hairdressing with the art of energy medicine to create meaningful transformations. She fosters a positive salon and classroom environment, supporting her clients and students by expanding the current idea of getting beautified to include one's mind/body/spirit state of being as a vital contributing factor. Originally from St. Louis, Nicole began doing hair in 1997.  She moved to NYC in 2001 to deepen her knowledge of hairdressing and expand her opportunities. She worked for Bumble and Bumble from 2001 – 2016 as a senior stylist and lead educator where she taught and developed curriculum at Bumble and bumble University. Additionally, she was responsible for training internal and field educators; working on editorial shoots; backstage at New York and Paris Fashion Week and helping develop product. She is certified in Positive Psychology and is a Healing Touch Program Instructor in Training. Nicole's curiosity about life has put her on a path of ever-deepening self-discovery. She believes in gentleness towards oneself, practicing gratitude, always having fun, and that laughter is one of the great keys to well-being.