Monday, March 4th -- Living A Meaningful Life

with Annie Robinson 


Are you dissatisfied with your job, relationship, or another life situation? Do you feel uncertain about where you're headed, or why you do what you do? What inspired you to pursue the path you're on--and does it still inspire you?

Disconnection from our values, lack of clarity, and wavering self-worth contribute to the rising rates of burnout so many of us experience in Western culture today. When we feel directionless or stuck on a path that is incongruent with who we really are, we suffer.

But there is another option: to restore meaning to our lives by identifying and aligning with core values, differentiating fear from intuition, and reigniting our motivation.

In this workshop, through somatic practices, meditation, discussion, and narrative medicine, you will identify what matters most you at this point in time and leave with clarity about how to live your most fulfilling life.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Annie Robinson is a wellness coach, doula, narrative medicine teacher, and resilience researcher in New York City. She holds a Master's degree in Narrative Medicine, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and has been facilitating workshops for over a decade. Annie is dedicated to guiding people in explorations of their innate capacity to heal, awaken, and flourish. Her areas of expertise include conscious eating, reproductive health, somatic healing, narrative practice, self-care, grief, listening, empathy, and resilience. Learn more about Annie here: