Monday, July 8th-- Guided Healing: Returning to Self

Monday, July 8th-- Guided Healing: Returning to Self


with Padma Gonzalez

Group healing an​d guided meditation sessions are especially good for accelerating and working through problems or gaining strength and insight into your life. You can work through issues that are key to helping you move forward and relax into the healing space and allow things to move through you.

The more we let go and surrender to the emotions, thoughts, memories, and debris that keep us impaired the more space there is for YOU to be YOU happy and loving again. We will invoke the energy of love and consciousness to support ourselves and each other. I will use guided meditation and other techniques to bring through the information and awareness that is available in intentional healing spaces for a deeper understanding and unity of the parts that are ready to be seen, held and nurtured. You are welcome to bring anything to the table or just see what comes up for you. No experience in meditation is needed. 

One of my objectives is to help people go deeper within so that we can come to a place beyond the jabber of the mind and what the mind says to us. In that space, there is a silence where your intuition and knowing is. That is where we find our inner clarity. I would like to facilitate that so that the layers that were foggy can be cleared and the heart can feel unburdened

Please bring paper and something to write with. 

Exchange: $60 


Padma Gonzalez is a natural intuitive healer and has been working in the healing arts for 17 years. She works with groups, couples and individual clients in New York and Mexico. Influenced by her own Mexican culture, she has performed several marriages, baby and bridal ceremonies in Mexico and the US. She is a Rose Healer which is a technique using fresh roses to heal, inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is a Reiki teacher, teaching all three levels since 2004. She studied energy light work in Mexico City and is also a painter and life long artist. She currently lives and volunteering in India where she works with different textiles, designing for a humanitarian organization. She spends her time between India, New York, and Mexico.

"My work always changes and evolves. I live in India and practice meditation and other spiritual practices, service is the focus of my life. I am a spiritual aspirant learning about myself and what is not me. By removing the layers of ignorance, the truth in us shines forward. Healing work can help remove and bring awareness to some of these layers. My intention is to help people see and move through the blocks. Healing is a life long process that when matched with reflection and prayer, acceptance and grace becomes your gift to your self and the world."