<Monday, February 24th, 2020> The Tarot: Trusting Your Intuition

The Tarot: Trusting Your Intuition

with Suey Mendez
Monday, February 24th

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“Don't try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition!” -Madeleine L'Engle

The Tarot has been around since the mid 15th century as a divination tool with its tried and true definitions and meanings, but things have changed PLENTY since then! With so many distractions happening in our Outside world (work, school, family, activities, technology!), it can be quite hard to listen to or even hear our Inside world. We forget to trust our inner knowing and to connect with our intuition.

Come be in community and sacred circle as we cleanse our auras, free our minds and spirits, connect to our Higher Selves, and explore The Tarot together with new eyes and open hearts. Starting with an energetic smudge, we’ll awaken our intuition through meditation and learn to use The Tarot as a form of dialogue between ourselves and our Spirit Team.

Mostly, we’ll be learning to trust, interpret, and believe the messages we are receiving from The Universe, knowing deeply that what we are seeing, hearing and feeling through the cards is especially and undeniably for us!

-No experience with Tarot needed

-Everyone will receive a mini personal reading

-We’ll be working with The Fountain Tarot Deck by Jonathan Saiz and The Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll. It is not necessary to have these decks, but if you do already, feel free to bring them!

-If you own a deck you like to work with, bring it with you! All decks have different energy and tell different stories based on their vibration.

Bring a notebook

Suey came into her spiritual gifts as an Intuitive Clairaudient Healer after the premature birth of her youngest son. Through meditation, she was able to hear her Spirit Guides very clearly, and began receiving detailed and accurate information from them. She instantly felt a connection to The Tarot and began channeling energy and Spirit through the images in the cards. In 2017 she began her studies of Reiki I & II with Medicine Woman Vasiliki Lagoudis of Teaching Spirit in Mahopac, NY. March 2019, she was attuned to the divine frequency of The Akashic Records with Christina Cross at Maha Rose Center for Healing and is able to provide deep insight, guidance and healing through the high vibrational love of The Records. In February 2020 Suey received her Reiki Masters with Lisa Levine of Maha Rose, where she discovered a love and passion for teaching healing and providing folx the tools they need to begin to trust their intuition and heal themselves. Suey infuses every healing session, group or private, with love and kindness, warmth, charm, and a sense of humor that makes every session a unique experience.