Monday, April 15th -- Unleashing Your Erotic Feminine

Monday, April 15th -- Unleashing Your Erotic Feminine

with Caity Flanagan 


Unleashing Your Erotic Feminine: A Somatic & Sensual Immersion into Awakening and Cultivating Feminine Sexual Sovereignty

Join somatic sex educator and shamanic, Tantric practitioner, Caity Reilly for a juicy immersion into the realms of embodied sexuality. Using modern adaptations of Tantric and Taoist rituals, together we will to heal shame, release stories of performance and perfectionism, and to aliven and awaken our Feminine sexual essence.

Our circle will include:

Shame Healing Circle

Embodied Erotic Movement

Orgasmic Breath-Work

Lessons on the Sacred Anatomy of Feminine Arousal

Yoni Adoration Ceremony

Tantric Practices for Cultivating Sexual Wellness

Come meet the voice of your erotic Feminine, learn how to cultivate your sexual vitality in service of deep healing and greater pleasure, and connect with a sacred circle of women.

This class is open to only *12* women and spaces will fill quickly so don’t miss out!

Please note: This circle is a safe and sacred space to explore our erotic edges and the sensual spaces of healing; all practices are somatically grounded and trauma-informed. This workshop will involve optional nudity and is completely confidential. If you have questions about if this workshop is a good fit for you please email Caity at:

Exchange: $75 

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E 


Caity Reilly is a somatic sex educator and Tantric and shamanic practitioner dedicated to supporting other on the journey of radical embodiment, sensual awakening, and coming home to the Heart. She is passionate about creating a world free of sexual trauma and is dedicated to birthing a new paradigm of integrative and holistic sexuality. She is the co-founder of Embodied Erotic and is the founder of Serpent and Rose, communities dedicated to sharing the teachings of sacred sexuality as pathways to trauma healing and awakening. Caity has spent the last 4+ years teaching about core shamanic practices, earth based ritual, somatic coaching, trauma healing, and Tantra, all as practices that lead us towards, embodiment, sensual awakening, and the path of the Heart. You can learn more about Caity’s private practice work at: or follow her work on Instagram @serpentandrose. Caity is visiting NYC from San Francisco and will be offering a limited amount of 1:1 healing sessions April 14th and 15th, if you are interested in booking a session with her please email