*POSTPONED* Monday, April 10th -- Mommy Time: Release, Restore, Radiate


with LaVonne Natasha Caesar

MommyTime is a monthly women's circle for new and expecting moms to come together in a sacred space of sweetness and solitude to share their joys and release their sorrows. This gathering is for ALL MOTHERS. It is for mothers new and old, experienced and inexperienced, step moms and co-moms, I also welcome dads who are holding space for the maternal energy within the family dynamic in same sex marriages. If there is little one in your life who calls you "mom" then this circle gathering is for you. 

The Grandmothers are invited to hold space within the lineage of the circle for the matriarchal wisdom that only arrives with the truth of age.

Young mothers still carrying life in their womb space are invited to come and meet moms further along the path with soothing words to share.

Come as you are. Leave your babies and your strollers and your worries at the door. This is MommyTime: A Circle for you to release restore replenish and return to your families full of light to radiate!

Naturally, there will be Mantra+Tea. A healing elixir brewed, blended and blessed by The Light House Vibration


LaVonne brings to the experience of MommyTime over 20years of supporting mothers in the journey of birth, parenting and motherhood. She is honored to bring you this offering of MommyTime: Come release, restore & return to radiate!

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La Vonne Natasha Caesar (The Light House Vibration) is a poet, healer, doula and lover of moms. The first time La Vonne was paid to take care of a baby she was only 9 years old. Now 28 years later, she has held space within home and family dynamics as both a nanny in high profile homes and as a daycare instructor with Waldorf and Montessori experience and training. 
Her childcare services are currently represented by British American Household Staffing Agency and she is co-facilitator of The FairySchool: An after school healing and magic training program at Maha Rose.