Maureen Newmeyer is a craniosacral therapy (CST) practitioner who works with light touch on adults, pregnant women, children, and seniors who are experiencing pain, trauma, change, grief, and/or loss. By using dialogue, imagery, sound, and breath to integrate the memories, emotions, and insights that may arise during a session, Maureen helps guide an individual to more awareness of his or her body, mind, and spirit. When further processing is sought, Maureen uses the expressive arts to facilitate this exploration.

Maureen's other experience includes work with bereavement groups and hospice. She also has extensive training in the arts, and speaks (nearly!) fluent French.

Maureen has received advanced training in craniosacral therapy with Dr. Ron Wish of the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute in Nyack, NY, where she earned her certificate in craniosacral therapy (CST) and somatoemotional release (SER). She was trained in dynamic body balancing and myofascial unwinding by Dr. Carol Phillips of Annapolis, MD. Additionally, Maureen received a certificate in expressive arts therapy at the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute in California, an institute that pioneered the work of Dr. Natalie Rogers, daughter of renowned humanist psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers. She is grateful to all her teachers for their expertise, wisdom, and guidance.

$120 /55 minutes

$170/ 85 minutes

Tuesdays noon- 6pm Only Walk-In Rates:

$100/ 55 minutes

$150/ 85 minutes


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"Maureen is a sensitive and skilled practitioner of craniosacral therapy. I have experienced the profound balance and integration of many levels of my body-mind as a result of her treatments. These sessions have helped me through some very difficult physical and emotional times in my life: recovering from hip-replacement surgery and dealing with the stresses of major life changes. I recommend her most highly to nurture and support one's inner growth and/or need for healing."
--Leslie Oster, yoga instructor and retired English teacher

" Maureen is a true healing goddess. She radiates warmth, light, and wisdom; her presence makes you instantly comfortable. For someone with an extensive amount of body trauma, Maureen was a godsend to me. Not only did I feel completely held and safe when receiving craniosacral healing from her, but was able to have a truly deep release of old, stuck energy and emotion, which is extremely rare for me in bodywork. It was because, even subconsciously, my entire body trusted her to hold space for whatever came up. That is unbelievably rare, and a treasured aspect of Maureen as both a healer and a woman. Her touch is extremely gentle, yet *powerful*. The energy that was moving through me during our session was truly profound. I cannot recommend her and her gifts enough! "
-- Lindsay Mack, Soul Tarot Readings


" From the first gentle touch, I felt safe. I remember one session I had with Maureen soon after my dad died where I felt so warm in the web of her healing, that tears I did not know were there simply fell. I was not sure what I was feeling until Maureen’s soft touch opened the door. Maureen has the intuition, skill, and deep compassion to know exactly what is needed. One session with her was worth many sessions of talking therapy because she helped me bypass the words to reach the core."
-- Dr. Lynn Abrahams, Associate Professor, Curry College