Sunday, September 7th-- The Art and Power of Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

12-4pm | $100

with visiting teacher Jane Bell

The power of manifestation is making clear what is wanting to be revealed from the unseen world. It is often germinated by a longing, desire or passion that seems to touch a core in one’s being. Bringing your dreams into three-dimensional consciousness is a process of clarity, getting out of one’s way, and allowing what’s wanting for you to come through you as you clear away blocks and doubts to enter an energetic flow. Sometimes we are clear about what we are sensing and feeling and sometimes it is only a quickening that calls us.

In this four-hour workshop you will:
 * Explore what you are longing to do or be
 * Understand, clear and clarify old patterns
 * Learn the basic principles of Manifestation
 * Be guided into a powerful manifesting meditation from the Great Pyramid of Egypt

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Jane Bell began her spiritual journey in 1977 when she became a serious student of meditation.
In 1989, she quit her corporate life to merge her heart and her path. Experiencing a spiritual epiphany in Egypt in 1992, she became a student of the Egyptian Mysteries and has brought over 50 groups to Egypt in the past 22 years. Jane became a Focusing Trainer in 1996. In 2000 she and her husband bought land in South Africa as part of a spiritual community called Corelight and has been involved with helping AIDS orphans and other projects. As a spiritual mid-wife she works with individuals in assisting their awakening into the Truth. She lives in Inverness, California.

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