Maha Rose South Accommodations

Maha Rose South Accommodations

 What it's like?

We rent out a small gated community of thatched roof bungalows, called La Secreta. They open to each, connected by stone paths, and surrounded by the lush native flora and fauna.  
Each bungalow has a kitchens, a bathroom, and amazing views of the Jungle and Ocean. You will be provided with breakfast foods to stock your kitchen with. Fresh yogurt & milk, fruits, locally made granola, eggs, and fresh bread. 
The bungalows with shared rooms are included in the Retreat cost. For an additional cost there are a limited number of private rooms with a private bath available.  
There is a large gathering area, with a small cooling pool, amazing views of the Ocean and hills, and an outdoor dining table- where you will eat Meals together. 

What can I do in my free time?

Mazunte is tucked in a small Bay on the Pacific Ocean surrounded by the lush hills we sleep in.
A two minute walk down out road brings you to the main street where there are great local coffee shops, fresh juice and pastries, restaurants, boutiques, and more. There are also local artisans, some of them indigenous, on the street near the beach, selling beautiful handmade Oaxacan art. The Oaxacan people are famous for their culinary and their fine art & bead work. 
In a five to seven minutes you will be dipping your feet in the refreshing water. It is close enough to go for a quick dip to cool off, at any time of the day. The neighboring beach are also walkable if you enjoy walking along the beach. Each beach Village has it's own vibe, so we highly recommend visiting them all. 
There are Yoga Studios, Dance centers and even some of the local business' offer Movies under the stars at night. The Village is vibrant and alive, but also small, simple, and incredibly convenient. 

Where is it?

We hold our retreat in a small Village called, Mazunte. 
Mazunte originally was a small turtle fishing village. Turtles became protected and it has evolved into an eco-tourist town with beautiful beaches, protected wildlife, a small fishing community, a circus and a vibrant and varied national and international community.  The town has its own daily local offerings of yoga, African dance classes, ecstatic dance, paddle boarding, salsa dancing and cafes.
Located adjacent to Punta Cometa, an ancient astronomical viewing point where you can see both the sunset and the Moonrise over the ocean, Mazunte was awarded the status of Pueblo Magico- magic village.  Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, alive with dolphins, whales, and turtles, Mazunte, Mexico is wonderous medicine for the body and soul.
For the adventurous it is forty minutes drive to the world famous surf spot Puerto Escondido. For those needing more rest the beaches and hammocks of Mazunte will rock you gently home to yourself.

What do the rooms look like?

Here are few images, you can also check out La Secreta's Website for further images and information. Or, follow us at @maharosesouth for the inside scoop and live pictures of Mazunte and La Secreta.