Maha Rose North October 6th-9th -- Womb Wisdom Retreat

3 day Women's Retreat at Maha Rose North

with LaVonne Natasha Caesar

Co facilitator: Eshe Issa

Magical Meals: Sarah B


WombWisdom Weekend  is a 3 day retreat for the awakening wom(b)an. Using the wisdom of the plants and herbs, of sound and silence, of breath and movement, of connection and feminine flow, using the gift of our body and the transformational African self-care ritual of womb steaming we come together to awaken the innate intuition present within the sacred womb space of each Wom(b)an and Life Giver. 

On this Sacred Journey, you will move through a cycle of:


Release, and


To reprogram your body with a daily rhythm of self care that you can easily incorporate in your existing daily routine. 
Together, we will use tea ceremony, womens circle, flower bath, bodywork, breathwork, and the ritual of womb steaming to connect to our intuition and awaken the memory of our own womb wisdom.
Only 9 women are accepted per session, ensuring each participant an intimate experience of individual attention as well as personal space for solitude and exploration.
A Journey of Restoration and Awakening for your Body Mind and Sprit.  ||  The answer you are seeking is within. 
Arrival + tea + settle in
Morning meal
Circle: steam history & training
Evening meal
Circle: WombSteam (group)
Morning Tea
Women's Circle
Afternoon Tea
Evening meal
Circle: BathRitual
Morning meal
Women's circle & closing ceremony

This retreat is open to all women interested in learning about self care rituals for their intimate space. 

Whether or not you have any knowledge or experience with yoni steaming you are welcome to come. 

There will be an optional group steam activity for those who would like to have the experience or you can learn the technique to continue the practice in the privacy of your own home.

The retreat will be an experience of sisterhood, community, and an exploration of the history and spiritual significance of the ancient self care practice of yoni steaming, womb steaming and intimate care.

Exchange: $654 for three nights, all meals included.

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La Vonne Natasha Caesar is a poet, healer, nomad, mystic medicine wom(b)an, tea-maker, tree-hugger, doula, lover of babies and believer in the healing power of Light. She is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga instructor, Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner, Reiki attuned healer and has a BA in French & MA English (Creative Writing). In both her healing work and creative expression, she incorporates her study and practice of Shamanism, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing, Yoga Vedantic Fire Rituals (Agni Hotra), Quantum Emotional Clearing (QEC), Geotran (Dorothy Wood Espiau), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Vipassana and other Meditation techniques.  May 26, 2010 she was hit by a car while walking to work, knocked into a coma & diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She is Alive now & is grateful to be able to transmit to you the healing Energy she picked up on her journey back from the dead. For more information visit her website:

Eshe Issa is a Registered Nurse, Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor, personal trainer and experienced birth/post-partum doula and Lactation Coach. She is a mother of 4 daughters with over 20 years of experience serving women and families of all backgrounds in Female health and fertility counseling. She is a trained, initiated priestess with studies in the Akan tradition of African healing and spirituality. She is a Tree Sister, Womb Steamer, Storyteller and Light Worker dedicated to empowering women through the magic of intimate self care and natural joyous experiences of birth. For more on her work visit her website:
Sarah Bisceglie is a Catskills and NYC-based Reiki Master and renaissance woman. Interweaving the worlds of energy healing, high-vibe food, art, nature, and business, she focuses on empowering people to heal themselves through self-awareness and compassion for others. 
Sarah was the chef for the 2016 Maha Rose North retreat season. She specializes in organic, local, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free cooking and uses as many colors as possible in her meals. A student of macrobiotics, Sarah incorporates energetic principles and intentions into all of her meals.